Stay young by applying simple steps

What are the secrets for staying young?

We all want to stay young. Young is considered more attractive, more vibrant.
But it is possible? if not to stay young forever then to delay the effect of time on our body,
On our face? Is looking younger is all genetics, or is it something we could have (partial) control  on?

The good news is that the ability to keep young look is in our hands.

The bad news is that it is not easy.

So what do we need to do?

1. Avoid smoking.
This is the most important advice to follow.
In the year 1985 a study by Dr. Douglass revealed that smoking people can be identified
by their facial features alone (10 years+ smokers). Without any other information.
Smoking adds 10 to the real age of 20 years. Smokers in their forties often have the characteristic lines for 60 non-smokers. Study of smokers, non – smokers and former smokers ages 20 to 69 found in current smokers were characterized by much more wrinkles in the face than non-smokers and smokers – ex.
Anyways, smoking is a bad habit which should be avoided. Besides premature skin aging,
It is responsible for 80% of the skin cancer cases, and It is a key contributor to the development of other cancers, such as cancer pharynx, palate and esophagus and causes the formation of bladder cancer, pancreas, kidney, stomach.

2. Eat healthy, eat right.

Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich of vitamin C such as Oranges, Broccoli, Red pepper, Tomato and much more. Inadequate consumption of vitamin C, causes loss of skin elasticity and accelerate the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Consume antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries, beans, Strawberries and more.
Dominant factors in the process of aging are free radicals that damage skin structure, stability and function of cells. Antioxidants reduce the effect of the free radicals.

3. Exercise – do physical activity!
Physical activity helps delay the aging process and body function in daily life
Aging process causes the degeneration of muscles and joints. Constant exercise, that fits one’s ability, may assist in such proceedings.
Physical activity may include aerobic exercise such as walking or running, or swimming, or
A study, conducted at the University of California, revealed that exercises increased the level of
IGF-1 (growth factor) which is marketed as an anti aging substance.

4. Proper sleep.
Sleep was found to affect health and longevity. If so, how should sleep? Experts recommend “not too little and not too much.” Too little sleep (less than 6 hours sleep a night over time) are not as good as too much sleep (over 9 hours a night over time) are not good for your health.

5. Be sexually active.
In various studies done from the 50s on, A Direct correlation was found between the frequencies of sexual relations to longevity. For example 10-year follow-up found that among men who reported moderate frequency of sexual intercourse, or low frequency – less than once a month – the mortality rate from blocking a coronary artery is double that of men who reported high frequency of sexual intercourse. Another study, conducted in Sweden found a higher mortality among women and men who have stopped having sex at an early.

6. Don’t stress yourself. Enjoy your life.
We live only once. So we better try to enjoy it as much as we can.
Stress, is the number one enemy of modern man. He is considered the primary cause of disease. Every day new data are published and the culture of evidence on the relationship between stress and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Stress affects our ability to function in a clear, organized and focused – both at work and family life.Travel, or take a vacation. If you have a personal issue bothering your mind, talk to a love one.
Consult, share, discuss. Don’t take all on yourself.
These are the small steps we can take, tomorrow morning, to live a better, younger life, and to
stay young.


About ronwerbin

My name is Dan, and I've been researching the realm of aging for ten years.I'm written my thoughts and ideas in the blog.

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